Recovery Acres

Recovery Acres 186

Our program helps clients to regain control of their lives, to have a better understanding of addictions, to comprehend negative attitudes, behaviours and alternatives for living a life free of addictions.

Recovery Acres provides transitional housing, counseling and a sober living environment for men with a history of addiction, who are motivated to develop and maintain a responsible, productive and healthy lifestyle.

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Our mission is to empower each of our residents to recover from addiction and re-enter society as a productive, law-abiding citizen, with a three month immersion treatment program of addiction awareness, life skills and Twelve Step study. The applicant is expected to be healthy and ready to participate in the educational program and be free from alcohol and all mood altering drugs.

The Recovery Acres Way

Recovery really begins when the lifestyle of drugs and alcohol ends. Real sobriety is more than just the absence of drug or alcohol problems. It develops in the new desire for personal growth, self awareness, a sober lifestyle, and in meaningful relationships that can begin again. While many think that the opposite of an active addiction is being clean and sober, true recovery is much more. Residents are challenged to find the dreams that addiction covered up, a meaningful way of life and well-being, and a return to family and  community.